How does it work?

Treating car windshield has been made easy for any car owner! Aquapel® Glass Treatment Aquapel is a glass restorer based on state – of – the – art technology and, unlike classic glass waxes, which are applied to the glass, Aquapel creates a chemical bond with the glass surface, ie it becomes “part of the glass”. Chemical bonding ensures durability that lasts up to 6 months! Treating car windows is so easy that anyone can handle it!


STEP 1: Cleaning
To use Aquapel, wash the glass to be treated and dry it completely. On the contaminated surface, use a strong soak for washing and an acidic agent to remove contaminants (vinegar solution is also suitable). Then wash with a standard glass cleaner.

STEP 2: Application
Applying Aquapel to the surface: Hold the applicator between the thumb and fingers with the pad down and level over the windshield Squeeze the wings together until a popping sound is heard and liquid is released onto the pad. USE IMMEDIATELY.

Move the Aquapel along the glass at a moderate speed. Wipe the soft pad of the applicator over the glass up and down then side to side to ensure the glass is well covered. Cover half of the glass from top to bottom and from side to side. Then treat the other half of the glass in the same way. When the entire glass is covered with the product, you can spread the substance on the glass evenly using circular motions using the same applicator. If Aquapel comes into contact with another surface, clean it immediately.

STEP 3: Finishing (Microfiber recommended)
– Wipe the surface treated with Aquapel immediately with a microfiber or paper towel until the surface is completely clear and transparent. Dispose of applicator and paper towel. Failure to wipe immediately may cause hazing that requires additional buffing with a clean dry paper towel.

* Do not allow the product to dry on the surface! Wipe the surface as soon as you have applied the product evenly on the glass!
* Divide larger surfaces into smaller areas for application!
* Do not process in direct sunlight
* Do not use at temperatures below 10C or warmer than 33C
* Dispose of the Aquapel capsule and microfiber used for sweeping in accordance with local waste disposal regulations!
* If you also want to process the car’s body or other details, you can find nanoprotection for the car on the website

  • When re-applying Aquapel® Glass Treatment it is not necessary to remove the previous layer
  • Car washes and washing with ordinary glass cleaners do not affect the durability of Aquapel’s treatment.


Aquapel capsules Contains: Petroleum distillates (CAS No 64742-47-8), ingredients used in the product

DANGEROUS SUBSTANCE: BURNS. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Eyes and skin


irritating. Harmful by inhalation.
Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.
Don’t smoke. USE ONLY WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. Intentional misuse by concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. Avoid eye and skin contact.
FIRST AID: For eye or skin contact, wash thoroughly with water. In case of ingestion, eye/skin irritation or if breathing is difficult, contact physician immediately.
KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Emergency Medical/Spill Information in US: 760-476-3962; Access code: 333225.